chains, chaining, chained
1) N-COUNT A chain consists of metal rings connected together in a line.

His open shirt revealed a fat gold chain...

The dogs were leaping and growling at the full stretch of their chains.

2) N-PLURAL: in N If prisoners are in chains, they have thick rings of metal round their wrists or ankles to prevent them from escaping.

He'd spent four and a half years in windowless cells, much of the time in chains.

3) N-PLURAL: oft N of n You can refer to feelings and duties which prevent you from doing what you want to do as chains. [LITERARY]

He had to break right now the chains of habit that bound him to the present.

4) VERB If a person or thing is chained to something, they are fastened to it with a chain.

[be V-ed to n] The dog was chained to the leg of the one solid garden seat...

[V n to n] She chained her bike to the railings...

[V n to n] Some demonstrators chained themselves to railings inside the court building...

[V-ed] We were sitting together in our cell, chained to the wall. [Also V n adv/prep]

Chain up means the same as chain.

V n P I'll lock the doors and chain you up... V-ed P They kept me chained up every night and released me each day... Also V P n (not pron) V-ed P All the rowing boats were chained up.

5) N-COUNT: N of n A chain of things is a group of them existing or arranged in a line.

...a chain of islands known as the Windward Islands...

Students tried to form a human chain around the parliament.

6) N-COUNT: with supp A chain of shops, hotels, or other businesses is a number of them owned by the same person or company.

...a large supermarket chain.

...Italy's leading chain of cinemas.

7) N-SING: N of n A chain of events is a series of them happening one after another.

...the bizarre chain of events that led to his departure in January 1938.

8) See also food chain
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